Alabama Shakes at the Arizona State Fair (PHOTOS)

Last night's Alabama Shakes concert was like being teleported back in time. Brittany Howard sings with a soulful ferocity that is only matched by someone like Janis Joplin or Mama Cass. Her guitar hooks channel the likes of Chuck Berry, with a heaping dose of Southern blues. Howard even looks like she's from another time, thanks to her '50s polka dot dress and glasses.

We took pictures of both the band and some of its fans last night. Check out some of our shots after the jump. (View the complete slideshow here.)

Howard's voice is commandeering, whether it's bringing to life the band's lead single, "Hang Loose," or she's giving us lessons in love. While introducing "Boys and Girls," she talked about how people said she was too old to be "just friends" with men, which dismissed with a resounding "that's bullshit."

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