Album Stream: Ratatat - LP4

God forbid you offer a 40 second preview of a track off an album that has already leaked -- do so and you subject yourself to the wrath of some self-righteous British dude named "WEBSHERIFF."

Such is the fate of yours truly and the newest album from Ratatat, LP4, which leaked about three weeks ago. Explaining the track "Neckbrace" was damn near impossible and using any and all words to describe the song, I felt, did it very little justice. So I did a decent thing, having a version of it, and uploaded a little taste of what's to come from the electronic/experimental duo Ratatat. I was politely asked to take it down, and I followed suit. Take a look for yourself at the original post.

Well, I am now glad to say that this whole ordeal is moot. LP4 comes out two weeks from Tuesday, and NPR has offered to stream the album in its entirety as its newest Exclusive First Listen.

Not familiar with the band? Looking for a way to become accostomed to their music? Then subject yourself to the first three tracks off of LP4 -- "Bilar," "Drugs" and "Neckbrace" -- they do the album plenty of justice and brilliantly illustrate just what has become Ratatat's current sound. It should be noted that Evan Mast and Mike Stroud -- the due comprising Ratatat -- recorded 30 tracks in a Catskills Mountains session in an effort to fill out their appropriately titled third and fourth albums, LP3 and LP4.

One would think that LP4, then, would sound a lot like its predecessor. Such is not the case, however, as Mast and Stroud had an acute ear for which tracks sounded best and most similar and divided them appropriately. Both albums have a certain sound and feel different from their previous works Classics and Ratatat. What LP3 made popular and apparent, LP4 pushes to another dimension of creativity and experimental quality.

Enjoy the album now without the fear of "WEBSHERIFF" breathing down your neck. In my opinion, this is usually the best way to listen to music.

LP4 is out June 8 via XL Recordings.

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