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Album Tacos For Everyone

What happens when delicious Mexican food meets the album cover of Billy Joel's 1980 album Glass Houses? Hilarity. Such is the case for Album Tacos, a fantastic new Tumblr that popped up on the radar this weekend. Rocket science, this ain't, but it yields some very funny and innovative results. Their take on Wilco is a blast, not to be outdone by Beck's classic Odelay!.

My personal favorite has to be The Black Crowes' Amorica. I always remembered that cover being provocative -- my brother had the version with the pubes, before it was "cleaned up" -- and adding a taco to the mix kind of blows my mind. I never knew art could be this fun and delicious.

If you're asking what the hell this has to do with music, you're sort of right -- it's just album covers, nothing creative with the songs themselves. However, if you're the type to get all up in arms about a music blog posting something rather basic about tacos integrated into some of the more memorable album covers in history, then stop taking yourself so goddamned seriously.

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Michael Lopez