Alejandra Guzmán at Comerica Theatre, 2/24/12

Alejandra Guzmán Comerica Theatre Friday, February 24

When we think of rock 'n' roll superstars, Alejandra Guzmán's name doesn't regularly come to mind, but it should.

For the past 20 years, the Mexican rock singer has reigned as Latin America's "Queen of Rock," and on Friday, Guzmán showed a packed Comerica Theatre that at age 44, she's still got it.

The daughter of Mexican actress Silvia Pinal and acclaimed Mexican singer Enrique Guzmán, "Ale" was born to perform. Known for her raspy voice and a penchant to show skin, Guzmán teamed up with glam-rockers Moderatto for a lively set that was provocative, sensual, and decadent.

Instead of having an opening band, Guzmán shared the stage with the five-piece hair band, with whom she collaborated on last year's live album, 20 Años De Éxitos En Vivo Con Moderatto.

Guzmán and company skipped out on elaborate stage props and pyrotechnics, instead opting on outlandish outfits, solid musicianship, and raw energy to please an amped-up crowd of decked-out concertgoers. The men of Moderatto sported gobs of eye-liner and teased hair while Guzmán came out in skin-tight leather and black feathered wings that made her look like Natalie Portman's Black Swan.

The two-hour set covered her catalog of hits, starting with "Verano Peligroso" and "Mírala, Míralo."

Moderatto showed that they were more than a metal parody band behind awesome electric guitar riffing, heavy-hitting drumming and lead singer Jay de la Cueva's falsetto vocals. The guys held their own, interacting with the crowd and rocking out while Guzmán stepped off stage for wardrobe changes.

Of course there was a drum solo that preceded Moderatto's U2-esque cover of Enanitos Verdes' hit song, "Lamento Boliviano."

When Guzmán was on stage all eyes fixated on her every move as she flaunted her toned torso and flipped her hair about. At one point the crowd yelled out, mucha ropa, too much clothing, to which she addressed by performing a striptease; strutting and posing to the sultry track, "Hey Güera." (Calm down, she didn't go full nude.)

Fans seemingly enjoyed every moment, but most of the night's highlights came during Guzmán's power ballad's. The crowd erupted into cheers and loudly sang along to songs like "Hacer el Amor con Otro" and "Volverte a Amar," while the pop-rock jam "Reina de Corazones" had people dancing in the aisles.

Guzmán's stage presence was a sight to behold as she tightened her tattooed neck and accentuated her words during songs. She bantered back and forth with the crowd and looked genuinely moved by her fan's responses.

True to her title, it was a performance worthy of rock royalty.

Critic's Notebook

Last Night: Alejandra Guzmán at Comerica Theatre.

The Crowd: Well-dressed Latinos, eager to sing and dance.

Overheard in the crowd: "Oh, my God, I love that bitch."

Setlist: Verano Peligroso Mirala, Miralo Muriendo Lento Mala Hierba Ten Cuidado con el Corazón Llama Por Favor Dime de Verdad Sentimental Quemándome de Amor Hey Güera La Plaga Ya Lo Veía Venir Hacer El Amor Con Otro Lamento Boliviano Reina de Corazones Volverte a Amar Eternamente Bella Encore: Día de Suerte Un Grito en la Noche

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