Alice Cooper Got To Meet Lady Gaga

Alice Cooper got what we imagine to be the thrill of his life over the weekend when he got to meet the one and only Lady Gaga.

The news broke yesterday. Gaga, of course, was in Phoenix over the weekend for a concert at US Airways (review + video here).

Someone let the grizzled old goat, who was just inducted to the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame, backstage at her show. Alice was allowed to pose for a picture with Gaga, which he presumably rushed down to Walgreen's to print.

Gaga, in turn, politely described him as "her idol," which no doubt gave Alice at least a half chub, then fired off a quick tweet about the encounter, saying only, "I just died and went to hell."

Cooper, on the other hand, went on and on and on about how awesome Gaga is.

"She can sing, write and play piano - she's not just a costume queen... She's a cross between Madonna, Mae West and Liberace... She's a spectacle.... She's great because she gets it, but she can back it up," Cooper said before the reporter logging his remarks presumably got bored, lowered his notepad and started eying the backstage meat and cracker plates.

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