Alice Cooper: "I Saw Jim Morrison Die Trying To Act Like Jim Morrison"

The two biggest shock rockers in the history of the genre will pay a visit to the AVA Amphitheater Friday night in Tucson. Local legend Alice Cooper has teamed up with none other than Marilyn Manson for the "Masters of Reality" tour.

While on paper the two have a ton in common--they've both spent most of their careers scaring parents and the Christian church--they really couldn't be more different today. Cooper is very in tune with the church, does a ton of charity work, and knows when to "turn Alice off." Manson on the other hand is Manson 24/7, and that switch is never turned off. This isn't a bad thing--it just means that when you ask questions like "Is Marilyn Manson really like that offstage?" the answer is usually yes.

We caught up with Alice this week; he dished on Manson, his Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame induction, and all kinds of other good stuff.

Up on the Sun: I spoke to Marilyn Manson a couple of weeks ago... I asked him how he was doing and then he gave me an opening monologue and spoke to himself for the first 10 minutes.

Alice: Yeah he came into my dressing room the other day and was talking in a southern accent because he had been hanging out with some rapper who went to jail.

Oh--Gucci Mane! That was what he was talking to me about.

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