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Alice in Chains in 140 Characters or Less

Alice in Chains played the Dodge Theatre last night, and the attendees were quick to become reviewers once they got home and logged on to Twitter. Here's what was being said about the show.

@tmearick- Alice in Chains kicked ass last night!! Think I love Jerry Cantrell. To the girls who were dirty dancing, it's AIC not Britney Spears!

@dumbwhiteperson- Alice In Chains sold this place out and AFI couldnt in 2006. Total mind blow.

@tpc472- People watching way better than the opening act for Alice In Chains.

@bisonzeeotch- Alice in chains just dedicated a song to a cross eyed second year eurotrash fowid on the knicks?

@Devmurphy- Alice in chains are killing it right now. Weird how much their new singer sounds like Layne

@_Mike_Perry_- Just home from Alice In Chains concert. Great performance. Jerry Cantrell is amazing.

@RaynaElise- Alice in Chains rocked Phoenix tonight!! What a show!!

@Alleyn83- Alice In Chains rocked, my ears are still ringing!!!!!!

@bensbrowning- #handsdown the Alice in Chains concert in #Phoenix I just left was the best show I've seen all year.

@Aloraarose- Alice In Chains concert was sick :)

@Needles_Pins- Alice in chains was amazing. Even tho william was sick, they're 1 nd a half hour set was amazing. :)

@razordead- Alice In Chains was awesome! I like the new singer.

@offcntr- Awesome, amazing show by Alice in Chains!

@desiree0312- Alice in Chains was amazing!!! Best band live I've been to.

@mjrfortune- Alice In Chains kicking ass at the Dodge! Amazing show!

@earcandycharity- Alice In Chains rockin'!! They were gracious enough to autograph a guitar that we will auction soon!

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