Lana Del Rabies will perform at Night of Neuralgia #4, an event that will benefit Planned Parenthood Arizona.EXPAND
Lana Del Rabies will perform at Night of Neuralgia #4, an event that will benefit Planned Parenthood Arizona.
Tyler Griffin

All-Female "Nasty Women" Noise Concert Will Happen in Tempe During Trump's Inauguration

Inauguration Day doesn't have to be all about the man elected president.

Here in Phoenix, female noise musicians are coming together to perform a special show in solidarity for women’s rights the day Donald Trump officially becomes president. Nasty Women — Night of Neuralgia #4 is fourth in a series of experimental music and noise nights which began back in September in Phoenix.

This event, taking place at Fine Art Complex 1101 gallery in Tempe, is in solidarity with the "Nasty Women: Phoenix Unite" exhibition happening at Grand ArtHaus, which is in solidarity with the initial "Nasty Women" exhibition in New York City, which aims to stand up for women’s rights in the wake of the Trump presidency.

The Nights of Neuralgia are intended to be a showcase for all experimental music and include both electronic acts and live bands. The word “neuralgia” is defined as intense, typically intermittent pain along the course of a nerve, especially in the head or face.

When booking the events, Scott Mitting noticed a lack of female presence in the scene.

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“I haven’t had a single female performer booked at the Nights of Neuralgia until this fourth one,” Mitting says. “I invited a few before but the timing hadn’t work out. The impression that I got was that a lot of girls have been doing experimental music at home and hadn’t been invited. I think that’s true of guys as well though, not just women. ... Events like Nights of Neuralgia are our way of getting to find out about each other.”

Neuralgia #4 is an all-ages show featuring Lana del Rabies, Chelsea Claire, DJ Sinaptik, Aesthetically Sound, E Alo, and Grimewave. There is a voluntary door charge, and all proceeds will go to Planned Parenthood Arizona.

Outside of fostering growth in the experimental music scene, and increasing female involvement, events like Nasty Women also aim to unite the artistic community in the face of what looks to be a challenging four years.

“We still need to show we want to hold on to our values and show that the rhetoric that is represented by the current president isn’t okay,” says Sam Anguilo, who performs as Lana Del Rabies. “A lot of people are scared, and I think when we put on these events we are coming together as a community, standing our ground, and showing those that are scared that they have a community. When I saw protests and people speaking out, it gave me hope. I’m not talking about empty, blindly comforting hope, but actually doing something, putting on events, and protecting vulnerable people and the rights we value. It’s the only way we can take a concept and hope to make it real.”

The Night of Neuralgia #4 is happening in solidarity with the "Nasty Women: Phoenix Unite" art exhibition taking place at the Grand ArtHaus downtown through January 20. This gallery show features visual art from local female artists.

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