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Alter Bridge @ Marquee Theatre

Alter Bridge is essentially Creed without Scott Stapp, and if that doesn't warrant use of the phrase "addition by subtraction," nothing does. Following Creed's breakup in 2003, guitarist Mark Tremonti and drummer Scott Phillips recruited onetime Creed bassist Bryan Marshall (who left the band in 2000) and vocalist Myles Kennedy (formerly of The Mayfield Four) to form a new band — one blessedly deloused of Stapp's pseudo-messianic posturing. That was the plan, anyway. Even without Stapp's preening dickweed baritone fronting them, Tremonti and Co. bear an all-too-uncomfortable likeness to the Creed of yore. As Allmusic noted following the release of the band's debut album, One Day Remains (2004): "Alter Bridge is happier courting Creed's constituency than establishing the promise of its more metal side." There's also the matter of a Stapp-like onstage altercation in 2006 between Alter Bridge and members of the dance-punk foursome Living Things, allegedly over unpatriotic remarks made by the latter. (Whatever. When you stick picking fights with wimpy manliner acts like Living Things, you got problems.) Worse still, Tremonti and the other ex-Creeders got back with Stapp in 2009, after explicitly promising they wouldn't do so. Such a Creed maneuver.

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Craig Outhier