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'American Idol' Kids Get to Play Dress Up and Sing Frank Sinatra Songs

Last night on American Idol, it was Frank Sinatra night, and you know what that means--break out the suits and black dress! This was the classiest night of the season so far, as the contestants took on the legend.

Harry Connick, Jr., the guest mentor of the night, was called a "superstar" by Ryan Seacrest. Hahahahahahaha. Anyway, while he may be talented at arranging music and playing piano, he's not exactly the sharpest in the shed. "As long as they sing these melodies and they sing the words, they'll be fine," Connick, Jr. said. Genius.

Aaron Kelly did a bang-up job of "Fly Me to the Moon". Not only was his voice crystal clear and spot-on, his hair also looked super-cute combed to the side. Say what you will about this youngster, but he really does take this competition seriously, and his perfectionism is admirable.

Casey James showed that he actually does have a personality and made semi-funny conversation before his performance, saying that he was offered a gig by someone who didn't know he was on the show. While his banter was charming, his performance of  "Blue Skies" was awkward and painful. He looked lost without his guitar and moved robotically around the stage, and his vocals were barely audible. It looks like this might be his last week, but it's evident he'll always have a career as a musician. Prediction: Bottom Three.

Crystal Bowersox
becomes more likable each week, as her personality shines through and she shows off her sassy side by talking back to Simon Cowell. She sang "Summer Wind," (in an atrocious dress--Siobhan Magnus' fashion sense is sorely missed), and while her voice was really pretty, it was also too quiet and subdued to truly be engaging. Her more upbeat performances stand out more than this one, but she still has the best voice of the bunch.

Michael Lynche, aka Giant Ne-Yo, performed a solid version of "The Way You Look Tonight". His voice was the strongest of the night, and he was definitely in his element because the swaggery genre suits him greatly. He still just doesn't have the commercial appeal to be really successful after the show's over, though, but at least he has a future playing weddings and bar mitzvahs. Prediction: Bottom Three.

Lee DeWyze was boring as ever, and that makes all the songs he sings predictable and unbelievable. While he sang "That's Life," there was no way anyone could believe he's had hard knocks. Even though selling paint probably isn't the best job, he didn't channel any of that life experience into the song. It was just as generic as ever. Hopefully, he'll taste the Bottom Three this week, and unlike what the judges think, there is NO WAY he will ever win this competition. Prediction: Bottom Three.

While it'd be awesome if Lee finally said good-bye, unfortunately the handsome Casey will be going home this week. He never really seemed like he ever got into the competition at all or took it seriously, though, so it probably won't be much of a disappointment to him.

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