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American Idol Not All Live

Oh, the controversy! The New York Times is reporting that this season American Idol is using pre-recorded tracts. The show claims that the contestants do not "lip-sync" because they are really singing live, they just happen to be singing over a track of their own voices.

This is a Clinton "depends what 'is' means" type moment if there ever was one. They are taking a strong definition of what "lip-sync" means and a very very lose meaning of what "live" means.

The article quotes Justin Guarini numerous times for breaking the story (Guarini finished second to Kelly Clarkson and now hosts a show called "Idol Wrap"). Guarini said that "It's almost torture to watch the contestants sing and dance like they don't have a care in the world when in fact they're sweating bullets." I would just add that if they really are top canidates and among the best talent that this would not be the case and that I have always found watching this show torture.

Note: You might remember my post last month about far more talented entertainers preforming this way. Does Anyone Know How to Play Live Anymore? 

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Stephen Chilton