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'American Idol' Performers Hang Out with Fans at US Airways Center

Proving that being on one of the most popular television shows in America hasn't gone to their heads, the contestants from American Idol were very anti-diva-like at their show at US Airways Center last night. Fans got to mingle with the performers at meet-and-greets after the show, which had to have made lots of audience members happy, especially the teen girls who practically fainted when Tim Urban came on-stage.

With no opening acts, the show clocked in at a whopping 3 hours long, giving fans of the show all they wanted and then some. Here's what was buzzing on the interwebs when the concert was over. (And read our review here.)

@aubley- @TimUrbanMusic tim!!! You and everyone else at the american idol tour concert in phoenix did wonderful and I loved seeing all of you there!!

@TheChadsKLA- Just left the US Airways Center...the American Idol concert was amazing!

@JamieLeiJonas- The American Idol concert was UNBELIEVEABLE!!! i love Lee Aaron and Katie. And everyone else.

@LaceLeigh- Falling asleep at the american idol concert....#mostboringconcertever

@DirtyDst- AMERICAN IDOL Was amazing! whoopy!

@sfregoso45- Had way too much fun @ the American Idol Tour 2010!!!! Everyone was so nice, I'm glad I got pics with some of my fave's! :-)

@MIKE20NP- Wow the american idol concert was 3 hours long

@BRYSONSGURL27- Just qot back from the american idol concert..AMAZINGG!!Took a picture wiff AARON,TIM,...:

@bball4lyfe22- American Idol was great!! Thanks for a great show in PHX!!

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