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American Idol Top 8 Results: So Long, Scott

Well, we knew his time on American Idol wasn't going to be long, but I thought Scottsdale's very own Scotty "The Body" (as Seadouche liked to call him) MacIntyre had one more week left in him. But after Tuesday night's performance, and a couple of other mediocre performances in the past couple of weeks, it was apparent it was either going to be him or Lil going home last night.

AI conspiracy theorists will posit that they have to keep Lil on for at least a couple more weeks because a) they need to keep one black contestant on the show and b) they need to have at least two female vocalists on the show into the Top 5. Either way, Lil's time will be up either next week or the week after (if Anoop leaves first).

But I digress. So while it was clear that it Scott did deserve to go home last night, I was still a little sad to see him go, despite his creepy, dead-eyed grin and his sometimes less-than-stellar voice. The guy had personality, which is more than you can see for about 80 percent of the other contestants during this snoozefest of a season. He was able to laugh at himself, he always kept me on the edge of my seat as to whether he not he was going to fall down or off the stage all together during group numbers, and he had a hot brother.

To check out Scott at what I consider his best, watch "Mandolin Rain" when he was only in the Top 36.

And check back here in the next couple of weeks for an interview with Scott once he returns to the AZ.

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Yvonne Zusel
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