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American Metal Blast

Screw the Crüe -- for our money, the single most iconic moment of the '80s sleaze-metal era is that scene in The Decline of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years in which belligerent W.A.S.P. guitarist Chris Holmes floats in a swimming pool in full stage leather, swearing and dumping vodka down his throat while his clearly mortified mom looks on. Alas, Holmes left W.A.S.P. for good in 2002 (hey, at least he's still alive), but the spectacle continues as 48-year-old front man Blackie Lawless and his hired hands take to the road to perform "Animal (Fuck Like a Beast)" and throw raw meat into the crowd. Speaking of beef, ex-Ratt front man and former Playgirl Playmate Stephen Pearcy is none too happy that his old band continues to tour with the original name and a new singer (Pearcy recently lost a lawsuit against his onetime metal mates), so he's out to prove who can really rock "Round and Round." For your money, you also get L.A. Guns -- which doesn't even include founder Tracii Guns anymore -- and Metal Church will probably keep thrashing into the afterlife. Have a blast!
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Michael Alan Goldberg