Music Industry

Amoeba's Vinyl Vault: Treasure Trove or Legal Sticky Wicket

Amoeba LA store.jpg
Timothy Norris
By Brett Koshkin

As the corpses of corporate music retail chains like Tower Records and Blockbuster Music litter dying strip malls, Amoeba Music thrives as an independent juggernaut with three California-based stores the size of supermarkets. Amoeba has been a celebrated shopping destination for West Coast music aficionados for more than two decades and is a place that shines a light on small artists and labels, giving fledgling releases an audience and, in many cases, much-craved sales they might not attain in big-box stores. A large part of Amoeba's charm is the thousands of used records that are given a chance at a second life. But the store's latest move has left some music lovers and industry professionals scratching their heads.

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