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Amy Winehouse Slowed Down Becomes Male Soul Singer

Amy Winehouse - Valerie (Slow) by Pooh_Bear

Pooh_Bear has slowed down some other songs, but I might point your attention to his sped up version of Otis Redding's "(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay." There's a hint of some Amy Winehouse in there, too. Who know either speeding up or slowing down songs by Otis Redding and Amy Winehouse would make either artist sound a lot like each other?

Someone also slowed down Justin's Bieber's "U Smile" by 800% this past August, and has its own weird, Sigur Rós effect to it.

None of these, unfortunately, hold a candle to the slowed down version of the Olsen Twins' "Gimme Pizza." It's impossible to be that creepy/vividly entertaining at the same time.

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Michael Lopez