An Interview With "The Future Mrs. Travis Barker" at Fall Frenzy

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We've encountered some fairly kooky characters so far during this weekend's Fall Frenzy, including cross-dressing bees, naughty nurses, and tattooed freakazoids (check our slideshow of each of 'em tomorrow).

One of the more interesting cases is 26-year-old single mom Dana Dinning, who swore to us on Friday prior to Blink 182's performance that she's ultimately going to become the third wife of tattoo-laden drummer (and erstwhile reality show star) Travis Barker. As you can see above, Dinning even created a special homemade tee shirt to mark the happy couple's impending nuptials.

Dinning might've been ribbing us during our brief interview, but given the amount of crazed Blink 182 fans (a good chunk of them female) who were in attendance at the show, it's entirely possible she coulda been completely serious.

Read on and decide for yourself.

Up on the Sun: So you're the future Mrs. Travis Barker?

Dana Dinning: I am the future Mrs. Travis Barker. I haven't seen him in 13 years since I was 13 years old [and saw him at] at Edgefest, but I'm gonna marry him.

UP: But he just doesn't know it yet, right?

DD: He does know.

UP: What, do you have like ESP or something?

DD: I do have ESP, and I'm ESPing that I will be onstage at about 12:30 [a.m.] with Travis Barker.

UP: So are you gonna rush the stage then?

DD: No, he's gonna invite me.

UP: Um, okay. And then what's gonna happen after that?

DD: That's...pretty much private. I can't share that information.

UP: What I meant, are you guys then gonna get married and stuff?

DD: Yes, we will be married. We haven't decided on a location yet, [and] we haven't decided on a guest list. We're thinking about keeping it small and private.

UP: Wait a minute. Doesn't he already have a girlfriend?

DD: He does, but we're working on that.

UP: So you made your tee shirt all by yourself?

DD: I ironed on the letters this morning.

UP: And the picture on the back?

DD: It's our wedding photo.

UP: So are you worried about any competition from the other ladies in the crowd?

DD: No. I mean if I can make this shirt [with] ironing, there's not really any competition. Like, what else are you looking for in a wife besides someone who makes shirts and irons? I'm on the same page with all the other girls. They know what's up.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.