An Update on the Situation at Chez Nous

It looks like Chez Nous' closing is going to be pretty permanent.

In my blog post from Wednesday, I mentioned how the renowned retro lounge and soul music venue has been closed for several weeks, with no sign of re-opening anytime soon. (And as you can see above, some vandals have apparently started ripping down its signage).

And now the folks over at AZCentral have provided some reasons behind the shuttering, which apparently have to do with issues over the joint getting busted by the Arizona Department of Liquor License and Control with their pants down. Apparently, Chez Nous' state-issued booze permit expired at the end of January and they were caught serving suds illegally just before Valentine's Day. The story also reveals that its longtime owner, Amina Uben, moved to Texas late last year, sold her interest in the bar, and has washed her hands of the whole deal. (The story does not indicate who was last running the bar after Uben left the Valley).

So what will become of Chez Nous? Will its location be felled by a wrecking ball like the original location? Or will some Daddy Warbucks of the nightlife scene buy up the place and keep it running?

The situation also means that there are now two vintage bars on Grand Avenue that are having ownership issues, as the Bikini Lounge has been for sale for more than a year now. Anyone have a few hundred thousand they could spare?

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