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An, ahem, Aesthetic
A while back I threw up a "show pick" blog post where I dissed locals An Aesthetic for their silly band name. Luckily these guys have a sense of humor, and sent me the following reply...

Ha ha... Thanks for posting up the flyer for our show on Friday! We are well aware that choosing "an Aesthetic" as our band name was possibly the worst decision that we could have possibly made. Imagine trying to explain the pun to a drunken bro-ham at 2:15am in the parking lot of the Yucca.

BRO-HAM: "Heeeeeey! I really like your band. Are you guys into Godsmack at all?"

SEAN: "No."

BRO-HAM: "Yeah, I didn't think so. But those dudes fucking put on a show, man. It's like tribal-metal. A whole new genre. They changed my life. Anyways, what are you guys called again?"

SEAN: "Well, it's like anesthetic that the doctor gives you, but we all went to art school so we thought it would be clever for it be like the article 'an' and then the word 'aesthetic.' You know, like how something looks. So it's two words."

BRO-HAM: "You guys are in an article? Is it in the College Times?"

SEAN: "No, the literary device 'an.' It's like 'the' or 'a.' Get it?"

BRO-HAM: "Oooooooh... And Aesthetic. Yeah, like another aesthetic."

SEAN: "No."

BRO-HAM: "So you guys on MySpace or what? Do I just look up unaesthetic?"

SEAN: "Just look up Attack of the Giant Squid. I think we're in their 'Top 12? or something."

BRO-HAM: "Brah! Those guys kick ass! They should get a singer."

SEAN: "I hate your entire being. But you should buy a CD, they're only $5."

BRO-HAM: "Shit... I think I'm just going to save it for a nickel bag."

Last night, after catching a couple different shows, I ran into Sean randomly at my local bar; apparently he's a neighborhood dude. Anyway, he sent over a track to throw up from An Aesthetic's record Apocalipsis Ya, which you'll find below. The band, which still has a silly name, is releasing a new record called We Don't Even Believe in Nihilism early next year. Holla.

"Killers All Look the Same in God's Eyes":

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Brendan Kelley