And It Begins...

Hella props to Lawrence for fashioning the Pandemic logo, which is making its debut in this post. If you didn't


already, I've asked a plethora of local artists, promoters, and playaz to submit their various Top 5 lists. This is the debut of the returns. If you think you oughtta be included, e-mail me


and tell me why, we'll hook it up.

Sean Shepherd

From Sean Shepherd, manager of the Liar's Handshake, amongst others:

Sup, cracker! Ideas from my head to your screen.

My 6 Best of 2006 6) Tool at Gammage. Pro's at work. A strange mix of characters packed into a formal & smokeless venue. And knowing that all 2000 people were jonesin' simultaneously. The whole show was pretty intense on many levels and I ve seen my share.... 5) New promoters in the Valley with energy and spirit, and a sense of putting on a great show for that cover charge. 4) New alliances among some veterans in the scene who realize that cooperation is a better choice for all involved. 3) Jared Castro of Liars handshake getting liquored-up, and then gets personal with emo-band hecklers during a set at the AIM awards. And calling them out with a song... that was so rock and roll without trying to be rock and roll. 2) The Bigger Picture. Hundreds of mostly volunteer hours were poured into this event. All walks of the arts / music scene went into make the event something that continues to grow in numbers and relevance. We can be Phoenix, or we can be tucson. 1) Jody Gnant is receiving national attention and is on the verge of some level of success. And the fact that someone who works in the local media actually gives a shit. The 2 Worse of 2006 2) That Marshall tool from Rapid Fire who publicly called out and personally assailed Chris 'Ozzy' Osborne in a very public manner. Biting the hand that feeds.. never a good thing, ya dopey metal-dope. 1) The Brickhouse / Downtown Phoenix is rotting on the vine due to a lack of booze licenses and / or a lack of a 'true' venue. We all feel for Roger, but now there truly is no decent sounding/ looking / feeling mid-size venue in downtown PHO. No liquor license = no f-ing way I'm going, you're not going, anyone over 21 is going to the beloved Brick until we can consume bevs. Not a lot to ask. We all need to stop pretending that Cooperstown is a good place for live music. Leslie is great, the venue is not great.




revolutionary rhyme raconteur


i dont have a top 5 because there's not 5 of anything that i like in phoenix, but these are my favorite 5 things out here

favorite local live act - antedote favorite local artist - nose favorite local dj - m2 favorite local media - friday night flavas favorite local weekly - the blunt club


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