And the Award For the Panhandlers of the Day Goes To...

...Downtown Phoenix painter Michael Little and his pal Jonas Sunshine Callewaert, who we saw begging for change this afternoon at the eastbound on-ramp for Interstate-10 at Seventh Street.

Callewaert, an unemployed architect, explained that they were sitting around at the nearby Conspire coffeehouse and wanted to scrounge up some beer money. Hence, they crafted the two signs you see above. Little was also seen cruising around on his signature wind-powered skateboard/sailboard. They reportedly nabbed $8 for their efforts, which could buy them a couple pitchers at the Bikini Lounge.

And while we give them props for their honesty, you'd think that artist types would've came up with some more colorful signs (although we thinks Callewaert's was a parody of the usual placards you see cluttering up freeway off-ramps).

It beats hawking your art on a street corner at any rate.

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