Andrea Beesley-Brown, What Are You Listening To?

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Andrea Beesley-Brown

Beesley-Brown is the owner/operator of The Royale Mesa's newest independently owned microcinema. I've also done shows in the Valley for the past 5 years under the moniker of the Midnite Movie Mamacita.

When you put your key in the ignition and turn on the radio, what station would play right now? If I'm not listening to my iPod, it would be NPR, or if it's late at night, Coast to Coast AM. I heart George Noory and all the kooks that call in -- it is endlessly entertaining. I mostly have the iPod on shuffle. Right now it's on my electronic playlist with Justice, Nero, deadmau5 and Daft Punk.

What's the first album you bought? Saturday Night Fever soundtrack.

What's the first concert you saw? It was either Bryan Adams, Meatloaf or the Village People? How random! I wish I could remember. They were all with my dad and totally awesome memories, especially the Village People, my first exposure to a mass crowd of men in chaps!

What's your favorite concert you've ever been to? I would have to say deadmau5 last month -- epic light show and just a totally fun night. Danced my ass off for 5 hours, seriously fun!

What's the last song played on your music player? "Ready to Uff," by Uffie.

Preferred format: CD, vinyl, cassette, 8-Track or digital? Vinyl or digital, for sure. I love exotica music and have a pretty decent vinyl exotica collection and some rare soundtracks, too. I'm a sucker for obscure soundtracks on vinyl like Emmanuelle, Record City or American Fever.

What's your favorite album? This is way too hard, but I would have to say Cross, by Justice -- so many good songs that always put me in a upbeat mood. Close second would be the Drive soundtrack -- amazing synthesizer sounds from an amazing movie.

Who is your favorite singer or band? Right now it's Justice, for sure. I can't wait for their new album Audio, Video, Disco -- I have been thrashing that on replay on Youtube.

Does you computer track how many times you've played something -- if so, what's at the top of the list? "Bang Bang Bang," by Mark Ronson & the Business Intl.

What was your favorite new or new-to-you album from 2010? 4x4=12, by deadmau5.

What one song would you play if you had a world-wide radio audience? I would play "Slip Into Something More Comfortable," by Kinobe, I think the world could benefit from its relaxing beats -- it's the perfect mellow-out-and-just-reflect-on-your-life piece of music that I think anyone can appreciate.

Who is your favorite local artist? I rarely get out because of the crazy work schedule, but two local bands that I really want to see are The Cosmeticators and BroLoaf.

What is your favorite local venue to see music? The Nile Theater.

What is your favorite music video? Definitely "Windowlicker," by the Aphex Twin, directed by Chris Cunningham. It's a twisted parody of your typical gangsta rap video, but with the Aphex Twin's head on the booty dancers. It's hilarious and creepy at the same time. I have kept the VHS single to this day.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.


Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.