Andrew Jackson Jihad and ROAR Announce Tour of U.S. and Canada

Wasn't it cool to see Andrew Jackson Jihad play as a full band last month? Oh, you didn't make it, and like Brad Dwyer you're bummed you missed it?

Lucky for you, you get another chance because AJJ is hitting the road with ROAR and Laura Stevenson and the Cans, and the tour stops by Crescent Ballroom on Saturday, March 24.

On Monday, Andrew Jackson Jihad announced a three-week March tour that starts in San Francisco, ventures to Canada, snakes through the Midwest, and ends in Los Angeles. The Andrew Jerkson Jerkwad blog also indicated that an upcoming second leg of the tour that will span across "the South, East Coast, some more Midwest, and MORE CANADA!!" will be announced soon, because after all, who doesn't love more Canada, eh?

"ROAR is the best band in Phoenix right now, and AJJ has been given a great opportunity to share them with our listeners in other parts of the country and Canada. It's kind of funny; we're going to be sharing the exact same band with ROAR (Deacon Batchelor, Preston Bryant) and Ben [Gallaty] will be pulling double duty in roar's band as well," said AJJ singer/guitarist Sean Bonnette in an e-mail interview.

Both AJJ and ROAR are excited to play in Canada, although ROAR frontman Owen Evans has some concerns. "I'm scared I might not make it into Canada. Apparently, they are sticklers. When they see the goat masks and blood, I'll probably end up taking a mountie's horse hoof to the temple." It looks like ROAR is keeping up with the whole Satanic imagery thing.

As if that wasn't enough good news, Bonnette has one more announcement: "We are currently assembling a new collection of songs that we have released but are now out of print or hard to find. Fingers crossed that this will come out by the tour. I think we can do it."

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