Andrew W.K.: Music Is a Tool for Partying

The are many sides to Andrew W.K. Omni-present is the bloody nose image that adorns his major label debut I Get Wet. There's also his well known propensity to party hard, a lifestyle he's constantly promoting. These two ideas for the basis for a musician who's found an angle that people can latch on to, an idea that resonates powerfully even when the music doesn't.

With the holidays upon us, W.K. is bringing his solo tour to the Valley for the first time. The show will feature Andrew W.K. alone with a piano and drum machine. The audience, he says, will in essence be the rest of the band. Experience tells him it should be a "rewarding" night for all.

Up on the Sun caught up with Andrew W.K. recently while the rocker had some downtime in Austin, Texas to discuss his solo show, the recent supporting tour with Black Sabbath, his new book on partying, and upholding the party lifestyle.

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Glenn BurnSilver
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