Cute Lil' DJs (My Friend Andy in foreground)

Andy-Capped Parking

Over the last month or so I've spent some time watching and listening as DJ My Friend Andy, formerly half of the

Cute Lil' DJs

(along with DJ Stefascope), worked on a remix album of Modest Mouse songs - mostly kind of older tracks from

the Lonesome Crowded West


This is a Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About

. The results have been pretty amazing, as you can hear on this remix of "Cowboy Dan," here re-christened as "Powwow Dan." The remix album will be strictly an underground affair - as Andy's learned while attending the Conservatory for Recording Arts & Science, you can legally use whatever samples you want as long as you don't sell the resulting songs. So maybe in the future he'll hit me off with more remixes to put up here. Meanwhile, have a listen...

"Powwow Dan":



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