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Angger Dimas @ Wild Knight

Call it an occupational hazard: Almost every DJ or producer in the world has a tendency toward swagger and bragging. In fact, self-aggrandizement is as much a part of the job as remixing and learning how use Ableton Live or ProTools. So we didn't bat an eyelash when Jakarta-born beatsmith Angger Dimas declared in a 2010 interview, "I sure will take over the world." Thing is, he's already taken big steps toward making his prophecy reality. Dimas already has conquered the club scene in his native Indonesia (having been declared the Southeast Asian nation's top DJ), played sold-out gigs across Australia, and staged a few invasions on American soil while assaulting crowd with his spastic club bangers filled with screaming bleeps and intense electro rhythms. He's also earned plenty of praise from chart-toppers and tastemakers around the world, including Hardwell (who called him an idol) and Tiësto (who worked with Dimas on the EDM side project Boys Will Be Boys). And Steve Aoki has brought him along on U.S. tours, collaborated on the Dim Mak track "Beat Down," and dubbed the 24-year-old "a wunderkind." Dimas, whose name means "love" in Indonesian, continues his quest to be the world's best by making his first-ever appearance in the Valley this weekend.

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