Annals of Bad Band Names

laura.jpg Perhaps it's unfair to pick on bands for choosing silly names (like I did with the boys in An Aesthetic here a while back), but sometimes the words just beg for it. Like with What Laura Says Thinks and Feels, which I assumed was an emo band (because of the name), but in actuality plays a whimsical sort of folky mid-tempo pop music.

The band sent its self-titled debut record over to me, and it's certainly not like anything else I've heard going on around town. It's retro and psychedelic, but other than that it's in some category all its own. A couple of songs are posted below, and if it's something you dig, check out What Laura Says Thinks and Feels at Martini Ranch on Thursday, May 10.

What Laura Says Thinks and Feels - "Couldn't Lose Myself If I Tried"

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What Laura Says Thinks and Feels - "Waves"

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