Niki Kwik

Annals of Mediocrity

Poorly written, silly-ass press releases are one of the humorous perks of this job; the flipside is when you have to actually listen to the CDs that they come with. Exhibit A: local female-fronted trio

Niki Kwik

's upcoming EP,

No Need to Apologize

. Here's a couple excerpts from the one-sheet that accompanied the CD: "Too heavy to be indie, too non-conformist to be metal, and too punk to care about it, Niki Kwik is a band that defies both labels and general assumptions about how a female-fronted band is 'supposed' to sound." "Niki Kwik could perhaps be described as 'Incubus meets the Yeah Yeah Yeahs meets Nirvana circa In Utero.' Um, what-the-fuck-ever kids. This EP sounds like a sophomoric attempt at "alternative" radio rock with super-shrill girl vox thrown in as a gimmick. It's not cute. It's not sexy. It's making my ears hurt, actually. See for yourself.

"No Need to Apologize":

"Adios Motherfucker":


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