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Antique Scream, SxSW, Self-Loathing Bands, and Cizmarch Madness in This Week's Issue

This week's music feature is about Antique Scream, who moved from the Valley to the Pacific Northwest over a year ago, and is now coming back on tour.

Also in this week's issue, you'll find the lowdown on every Valley band headed out to Austin for SxSW in the coming week. We'll give you the scoop, even if you can't make it over the desert and through the sand to the Texas fest.

Oh, yes, and we've got stories on Xiu Xiu and other bands practice self-loathing despite their fans, and the DIY Cizmarch Madness festival named for music editor Martin Cizmar. Jason Woodbury tries to get to the bottom of the competition issue: Was music editor Martin Cizmar right about house shows, or do local music fans size up the situation differently?

We've also got show previews for: Flogging Molly, Sevendust, Keb' Mo', Abe Vigoda, and Tim Barry.

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Sarah Ventre