Apache Lake Music Festival Features Scenery and Over 30 Arizona Bands

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In these economically screwy times, value is an important thing. Apache Lake Music Festival organizer Brannon Kleinlein knows this, and he thinks his music festival is one hell of a deal.

"We have over 30 bands, the whole event is $30, so [that's] less than a dollar a band," Kleinlein says. "When I see the word festival tagged along with that is big dollar signs, so we are trying to get as many people out as we can, and showcase these great local bands we have here, and just put on a great, fun event, is really the philosophy behind the event."

Kleinlein explains that the Apache Lake Music Festival, scheduled to take place October 7 to 9 at the Apache Lake Marina & Resort in Roosevelt, is the combination of his efforts and those of Paul "PC" Cordone, who ran the popular Jeromeatherapy event.

"I wanted to do my own thing -- and basically I talked with PC and said, 'When are you doing it, I don't want to interrupt your timing.' He said, it looks like Jeromeatherpy isn't going to happen. At that point we teamed up."

Kleinlein says the event combines the best of both worlds.

"That's the idea behind the whole thing, have a big community of local bands at Apache Lake. You can be as primitive as you want, and come out and camp and not shower and bring your own food... Or, the place has a hotel, and you can be as domesticated as you want. You can eat in a restaurant, or have a cocktail from the bar. It has the best of both worlds, and it's just a beautiful serene location. The lake and the mountains are the backdrop of the stage."

Kleinlein says that the hope is to expose the Arizona scene in a fun, relaxing setting.

"You know, we have a combination of successful bands -- Dry River Yacht Club and Mergence -- but he other purpose is, we want to help break out some new bands that we have seen. We want to help expose bands - Wizards of Time, Snake! Snake! Snakes!, some of the new bands, that's who I'm excited to see. I think the great thing is we have a lot of diversity: 2 Tone Lizard King, who are a great ska-punk band, jam bands like Mojo Famers, and straight up rock n roll bands like Los Guys and Ghetto Cowgirl. Something for everybody."

The full lineup:

Dry River Yacht Club, Mergence, The Sugar Thieves, Kongos, Hot Birds & The Chili Sauce, Banana Gun, Shawn Johnson & the Foundation, 2 Tone Lizard Kings, Mojo Farmers, Greyhound Soul, Future Loves Past, Honey Pistol, Los Guys, Elizabeth Rose, Ladylike, Wizards of Time, The Hashnife Outfit, Steppchild, 36 Cents & a Dream, Underground Cities, S. Guttenburg, Snakes! Snakes! Snakes!, Ghetto Cowgirl, Japhy's Decent, Flamingo, The Persuaders, The Muddy Moneys, Silverbell, Sasquanaut, Doctor Bones, 88mph, and The Love Royale For more information, visit the official Apache Lakes website, and Apache Lake Music Festival on Facebook.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.