Arch Enemy singer Angela Gossow bitch slaps fan on MySpace

By Niki D'Andrea

Angela Gossow is pissed.

Arch Enemy singer Angela Gossow has fired back at a fan that she feels disrespected her and her webmistress. The visceral vocalist for one of the heaviest metal bands out of Europe didn’t pull any punches, either, posting a blog on her MySpace page titled “I AM SO FUCKING ANGRY!!!!” that ended partly with the words, “WE DO NOT NEED 'FANS' LIKE YOU! YOU ARE THE ENEMY IN EVERY SENSE OF THE WORD! GO AWAY!”

In the blog post, Gossow reposts a chain of e-mail communication between a fan in New York who’d taken a photo with Gossow at a show, and Gossow’s webmistress, Nina. The fan wanted to send some photos directly to Gossow, rather than having Nina forward the photos -- protocol for Gossow’s Web site. When Gossow’s webmistress refused to give the fan a private e-mail address (saying “She has a private email adress [sic],but guess why it's PRIVATE ;-) hope you understand that”), she received this response:

“okay...but you don't have to have an attitude about it when you respond to my question. How do I know that you will actually send whatever I give to you to her? I think that having a private email address is bullshit. She isn't Queen Elizabeth or the president of Germany. I think that this whole rockstar life is getting to all of there [sic] heads. You know its [sic] the fans that make arch enemy what they are today. Without us there is no "arch enemy" and I think their [sic] starting to forget that. Thanks for all your help and I hope when arch enemy comes around again I'll give them the finger at the show instead of the horns.”

Gossow’s reaction was a mix of bewilderment and fury. “What the fuck???” She writes. “So, I go and take pictures with … (whoever that is..?) at the New York show and he/she starts insulting my webmistress Nina and then me and the band personally – just because he/she doesn't get my PRIVATE email address??? There are millions of ways to contact me, I read ALL messages in my Myspace page and answer them when I can!”

(I’ll vouch for that. I’ve been one of Gossow’s 50,981 “Friends” on MySpace for more than two years, and I’ve sent about four messages during that time. Gossow answered every single one of them, even though it sometimes took months, especially when Arch Enemy was on tour).

Gossow’s blog tirade continued, “Let me sum this up for you: I spent time with YOU – the fans outside the venue to sign stuff and take pictures. I spent HOURS every day answering fan mail via myspace and the archenemy.net website. Nina forwards all messages to me from angelagossow.com and I answer them as well. YOU don't get my PRIVATE mail address and instead of simply writing me on Myspace you turn your back on us? You don't think I have the right to have an inch of privacy in my life???...That shit makes me insanely angry! I am fucking living for the fans – I even apologize when I am too sick to hang out.. That's getting too fucking much even for me!!!

(Again, my personal experience meeting Gossow and Arch Enemy backstage at Dodge Theatre during the 2006 Gigantour was that she and the band were very friendly with and giving to their fans. Gossow even had a cold that night, and still came through on the meet-and-greet after already putting 110% into Arch Enemy’s set.)

Here would be a good place to insert some rhetoric and analysis of the social burdens and expectations of a touring musician with millions of fans who each want a personal piece of him/her, and maybe even make some crude compare/contrast attempt to other strange “fan” behavior (i.e., Mark David Chapman getting an autograph from John Lennon before shooting the first Beatle off the Earth), but I gotta go concoct some snide messages to Grace Slick, who’s apparently so stuck up she STILL hasn’t answered my uncle’s fan mail marriage proposal from 1967.

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