Here's the Lineup for the Arizona Hip-Hop Festival 2017

A mural in downtown Phoenix promoting Arizona Hip-Hop Day and the Arizona Hip-Hop Festival 2017.
A mural in downtown Phoenix promoting Arizona Hip-Hop Day and the Arizona Hip-Hop Festival 2017. Courtesy of Justus Samuel

Justus Samuel has his hands full these days. For pretty much all of his waking hours, the local community organizer has been busy overseeing local hip-hop promotions company and record label Respect the Underground and planning any number of upcoming nights and events.

And the biggest one undoubtedly is the latest Arizona Hip-Hop Festival.

The annual event, which takes place on Saturday, November 11, at Comerica Theatre in downtown Phoenix, is a massive undertaking, to say the least. Hundreds of different rappers, MCs, DJs, and artists from throughout Arizona will perform during a day-long celebration of hip-hop culture and the local scene. A variety of DJs, dancers, and visual artists will also do their thing at the event.

As with its first three editions, Samuel says, the Arizona Hip-Hop Festival 2017 will serve as a showcase for the local scene and its wealth of talent.

“It’s a platform that was designed to cultivate the culture and be used as a platform for active practitioners,” he says. “It's for people to celebrate Arizona hip-hop culture.”

The festival will include every aspect of hip-hop culture, ranging from rapping and DJing to visual artistry and both b-boy and b-girl dancing. There will also be clothing and apparel vendors and a variety of youth workshops.

And just like the last couple of years, the festival has the official endorsement of Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton, who declared Saturday, November 11, to be “Arizona Hip-Hop Day.”

“It's literally a holiday,” Samuel says.

And just like at every edition of the Arizona Hip-Hop Festival, the lineup for 2017 is going to be enormous.

Samuel revealed the lineup to Phoenix New Times, and it includes more than 250 artists and acts from throughout the Valley and around Arizona. They’ll perform on any of various stages that will make up the event, held in and around Comerica Theatre.

“The event will have eight stages this year,” Samuel says. “We’re going to be shutting down the entire block surrounding [Comerica].”

And there are more than 100 new faces on the lineup, he says, as well as plenty of favorites.

Here’s a rundown of everyone who will be at the festival this year, including DJs, hosts, and visual artists.

click to enlarge A mural in downtown Phoenix promoting Arizona Hip-Hop Day and the Arizona Hip-Hop Festival 2017. - COURTESY OF JUSTUS SAMUEL
A mural in downtown Phoenix promoting Arizona Hip-Hop Day and the Arizona Hip-Hop Festival 2017.
Courtesy of Justus Samuel
Hip-Hop Artists & Rappers:
Adeezy Da Don
AJ The Breeze
Ashton Vaughn Charles
Ali Tomineek
All Dollaz
Almon Gold
Amani Jae
Anthony Cortez
Aquarius Jones
Ardy Reapz
Atari Monroe
Audi Clips
AZ Lowrider
AZ Legend Golden
B Nasty
B-Man The HighRida
Benjamin Fly
Brandon Rodelo
Bruc3 of Mesa Made
Buddha Tha Skitzo
C-Leach & Silver
Calicoe G
Captain Nerk
Cash Lansky
Charlie Mumbles
Chico Rios
Chink Gee
City Boi
City Da Juiceman

click to enlarge Charlie Mumbles - COURTESY OF THE ARTIST
Charlie Mumbles
Courtesy of the artist
Corey S.
Cruise & Loh
Cultivated Kings
CY & LV Squad
Da New Era Damyon
Dann G
Dat Nga King De
David James
Daygo Strange
Dead Mason Entertainment
Deebo Lotti
DeLa Preme
Delly Everyday
Denzel Davis
Desert Life Entertainment
DieNasty The Mexican Thuggalo
Dirt Squad
Dirty Dan
Dom $mith
Donny Kai

click to enlarge Local rapper Dann G. - NICK GALLEGOS JR.
Local rapper Dann G.
Nick Gallegos Jr.
Dough Boy & WickedMob
Dougie Drew
Dre Benz
Dre Polo
Drew From 93'
DRXL Heights
Dub Fuego
Dub The Million Dollar Baby
Eddie Wellz
El Richardo
Emilio Price
Epod Tribe
Erika Jasmin
Fresco ToldYa
Gattling Ern
H.G.T. The Don
Hannibal Leq
Haze That Saxy Rapper
Henny Lago
Hoood & Judge Da Boss
Hunter James
ill V
I-Roc & Marquel Deljuan
Isaiah The Rapper

click to enlarge Local rapper J. Rob the Chief. - COURTESY OF THE ARTIST
Local rapper J. Rob the Chief.
Courtesy of the artist
J Fresh
J Hav
J Rydah
J-One Speed
J. Rob the Chief
Jae e
Jae Tilt
Jah Harris
Jahwan Hendrix
Jalopy Bungus & 20POUNDS
JC The Triple Threat
Je Mula
Jeezy D
Jimmy Grooves
Joe Smoke
Jonathon Easterwood
Julius King
K. Mahree
King Blizz
KT Gipson
KY Sluggah
Kyle Burquette
Lamar Crushin
Lazy Boy Squad
Lionel Ray
Legacy Tha Legend & Sage Carnegie
Louie Lovewell
Lucky D

click to enlarge Nerdcore star Mega Ran. - ANDREW DOENCH
Nerdcore star Mega Ran.
Andrew Doench
Machine Rudeen
Mad Signtist
Mafiatic Misfits
Marley B
Mega Ran
Mental Cases
Mic Check
Mic Myers
Mickey Zobel
Midnite da Dread
Mike Check (Tucson)
Mista White
Mo Luv
Money N Fame
Monsieur Hiver
Nile Ross
No Class Millionaires
Nroc Leoj
P Jaye Tha Principal
Peace Money Entertainment
Penny The Great
Phoenixx Ugrill & 900triiibe
Play Locco
Proff TV
R Turn Ent
Rahn G.
Raw B. Wiked
Raw Yola
Retro Legendz
Rhythm & Rhyme
Richie Evans
Ricky Pablo
Roc D
Royce Bell
Sab $tory
Salty Brasi
Slim Billions
Sonni Boi & Marcus Lee
Spit Hell Manuel
St. Pierre
Stizzy Davis
Studio Flo
Swarley Sheen
Syc Phyx

click to enlarge Salty Brasi. - COURTESY OF THE ARTIST
Salty Brasi.
Courtesy of the artist

Tay Da Crown
Terrorist Angel Babies From Neptune
Terry AZ
Tha Wikid One
The Black Family
The Color 8
The Sound Bombers
30 Spice (a.k.a Simply Damon)
Thrice Authentic
Tommy Belair
Tommy Will
Tony Watts
Trap House
Trouble Music
2 Dash D
Valley Music Worldwide
Vante Mack
Vinney Mendez
Vision That Entertainment
Wayne Wayne
Will Claye
William Speakz
Willy Northpole
Y Beezy
Yaymee K
Yitti Hu$tla
YKTS Cochino
Yog Westwood
Young Jaws
Young Kooky
Young Spider
Yung Chrissuh
Yung Sims
Zig-Zag of NB Ridaz

Bag of Tricks Cat
Mz. Mac
Legace The Legend
Young Wavy (Greedy Green)
Myra Energy
Arizona Mixtapes
Pokafase & Louanna Faine
DJ John Blaze
DJ Mad Skillz
Amanda Wynn
Justin Day

click to enlarge Turntablists perform at last year's Arizona Hip-Hop Festival. - FRANK CORDOVA
Turntablists perform at last year's Arizona Hip-Hop Festival.
Frank Cordova
DJ Benz
DJ Torch
DJ Intrigue
DJ M. Rocka
DJ Anh
DJ Khaos
DJ Sixsational
DJ Mad Skillz
DJ Marvel
DJayy Charliee
DJ J Boogie
DJ John Blaze
Gonzo 52
DJ Reflekshin
Fader Manners

click to enlarge A local painter does live art at last year's Arizona Hip-hop Festival. - FRANK CORDOVA
A local painter does live art at last year's Arizona Hip-hop Festival.
Frank Cordova
Visual Artists:
Facin Art
Angie Zapata
Heather Freitas
Shoreigh Williams
Cassandra Davison
Antoinette Cauley
Dylan Proby
Andre McCline
Joey Carbajal
Daniel Gunner
Steele Roots
Ignacio Martinez
Jake Daurham
TK Art
Shaped by Syd
Stevo Art
Tanu Dyer
Wendy Marshall
Alana Fulton
Kynell Cook
Joanna Johnson
Noreen Ayonayon
Cross Davision
Vanished_Henna 98
Savannah Stegall
Mancell Jackson
DriveBye Tatz

Arizona Hip-Hop Festival 2017 takes place on Saturday, November 11, at Comerica Theatre. Tickets are $25 online and are also available from any of the participating artists.
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