Arizona Invades Texas for SxSW

So, we don't normally blog about shows outside the area, but our contributor Psyko Steve Chilton is putting a real dandy at SxSW in Austin next month. The "I Heart AZ" showcase features Dear and the Headlights, Miniature Tigers, What Laura Says, The Stiletto Formal, Kinch, Back Ted N-Ted and Reuben's Accomplice. As Steve writes:

"The last few years have seen an explosion of new artists from Arizona breaking on the national stage. Artists as divers as Calexico, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, The Maine, Job For A Cowboy and even Jordan Sparks have all made their mark on the national music scene... Many people both in Arizona and in the music industry at large believe that Arizona could be home to one of the next great music scenes."

Steve's bill is pretty good, but I'm not showing up unless Golden Boots -- the subject of this week's music feature -- are there.

By the way, Meat Puppets and The Love Me Nots also have official showcases at SxSW. They're joining Kinch, Mini T's, Dear and the Headlights and What Laura Says as Phoenix's official showcasers. Flagstaff's The Silos and Tucson's Howe Gelb, Golden Boots, and ...music video? will also be at SxSW-sanctioned shows.

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