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Art Detour 22 Roundup

As you should well know by now, Artlink's Art Detour 22 weekend kicks off tonight with the March First Friday. The self-guided tour of galleries and studios in the downtown arts district is THE art event of the year.I've been blogging like a madwoman this week and decided to put...
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As you should well know by now, Artlink's Art Detour 22 weekend kicks off tonight with the March First Friday. The self-guided tour of galleries and studios in the downtown arts district is THE art event of the year.

I've been blogging like a madwoman this week and decided to put together this list of galleries and addresses just for you. Read on, click the links and feel free to print this puppy out for when you hit the streets.

Oh, and be sure to check our food blog, Chow Bella, for great advice (courtesy of Wynter Holden) on where to get a bite to eat as you're trekking around town. Also, check out five Art Detour music gigs not to be missed.


"$99 Only Show" @ Five15 Arts Gallery, 515 East Roosevelt Street

Yep, you read that right. Every piece of art on display is just $99. Check my blog for more details.

"Shag!" @ Perihelion Arts, 610 East Roosevelt Street
Shag, known for his humorous, retro-style graphic prints, shows off ten years of time in the studio. Check the gallery's website for more.

"Merging Lanes" @ Eye Lounge, 419 East Roosevelt Street
You really get to see what Eye Lounge is all about with this show. The multi-media group exhibition features the best work by the gallery's member artists. Check out their website.

"Disruptive Momentum: Current Work from Leading Phoenicians" @ Modified Arts, 407 East Roosevelt Street
The title really explains it all: Modified chose Phoenix's "six leading artists" including Jon Haddock, Randy Slack, Sue Chenoweth, Dominic Miller, Jen Urso, and Karolina Sussland. Go on, check the website.

"The New, Old World" by Brian Boner and Lee Hazel @ MonOrchid, 214 East Roosevelt Street
Brian Boner is known for creating his own dream-like worlds with his paintings while Lee Hazel provides ample visual shout-outs to art history. For more, check out my blog.


lerina Series" by Bob Carey @ Bokeh Gallery in the MonOrchid building, 214 East Roosevelt Street
This new gallery features photography-only exhibitions. Bob Carey's lovable series features the portly, middle-aged artist in deserted settings wearing a bright-pink tutu. You know you want to see more...hit my blog.


"The Variety Show" by Aline Smithson @ Tilt Gallery, 919 West Fillmore Street
Okay, so this one's technically off of Grand, but just head north on 9th Avenue - it's easily within walking distance. The former fashion editor approaches her photography subjects with a critical, sometimes cheeky slant. Check Tilt's website for more.

Art Detour Art Party with art by Jason Hill @ Studio 8 in the Bragg's Pie Factory Building, 1301 West Grand Avenue
The party goes off Friday night and the art stays up all weekend. If you haven't seen Phoenix through the artistic eye of Jason Hill, you're missing out. Check out my blog on this one.

Mutant Piñata Show @ Bragg's Pie Factory, 1301 West Grand Avenue
Anyone with some chicken wire, paper mache, and the will was invited to enter works for this show. Check out the explosion of creativity and check out my blog that links to a slideshow preview.

"ROYGBIV 4 EVAH" @ The Trunk Space, 1506 West Grand Avenue

 We can always count on the Trunk Space to deliver some zany shows. See what this colorful theme is all about with works by Robyn K. and Sierra Joy. And, of course, look at the website if you wanna.OTHER AREAS:

"Right to Bear Arms" by Tara Logsdon @ Artlink Heritage Square Gallery, 115 North 6th Street
Logsdon shows off her collection of rehabbed bears that she nursed back to health after finding them dirty and discarded at Valley thrift stores. Read a little more about it on my blog.

"Decaf Arabic Coffee" by Angelica Jubran-Bishara @ Downtown Phoenix Ambassador Information Center at Copper Square, 101 North 1st Avenue, Suite 190

Jubran-Bishara explores coffee - its traditions, occasions and symbolism in the Arabic culture and as it relates to other contemporary cultures. No website on this one, sorry!

"Leaving my Father's House" by
Katherine Zsolt @ The Icehouse, 429 West Jackson Street
Zsolt digs deep and finds inspiration through her ten year love affair with a book about asserting one's femininity in our current culture. Other artists like Luiz Gutierrez, Lori Fenn, and Kaori Takamura will also show their art. Read my blog.

"Monkey Business: Signs of the New Economy" @ After Hours Gallery, 116 West McDowell Road
Two design firms, After Hours Creative and Space Monkey Designs, teamed up to design fictitious and hilarious business posters (like "Tricycle of Doom Daycare" and "Big Blue Freak Dry Cleaning") as an outlet for these dark economic times. Works are digitally printed on plywood sheets and are affordable. Yes, there's more on their website.

Opening of Westwind Studios @ Westwind Studios, 2216 North 16th Street
The newly renovated living/studio/anything artistic complex opens with 12 shows, one in each available space. For the whole story, check my blog.

Hours may vary slightly for each venue but they are typically open tonight, Friday, March 5 from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m., Saturday, March 6 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Saturday, March 7 from noon to 5 p.m. ...ish.

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