Art For Kickstarters: Loyal Wife

When you or I get hit up to finance someone's 12-vinyl disc, pearl handled, hand-carved boxed sets, it will be officially time to pronounce the fan-funding phenomenon dead. Jason Woodbury profiled Kickstarter a few weeks ago, and here we can see it working rather successfully for Loyal Wife, a brand new band formed by David Jansen and Ashley Taylor (formerly of Before Braille, Art for Starters) and featuring a studio band of comprised of three-fourths of Awake and Alert (Spencer Reed, Blake Kimball and Sam Hardwig). They've been asked to join and the band's first proper show will be the CD release party set to take place in March.

We caught Jensen after a vocal cutting session at Flying Blanket Studios and he offered some handy tips for future art starters and possible directions that the fund collecting site might go.

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Serene Dominic
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