Ashley Furniture HomeStore Pavilion's Ridiculous Name Finally Cracks Pitchfork

Well you guys, it's official -- Pitchfork thinks the new name for Phoenix's premier outdoor music venue, Ashley Furniture HomeStore Pavilion, is ridiculous. In a post about the upcoming tour of Kings of Leon (ugh) and Band of Horses, staff writer Tom Breihan had this to say about a select few of the tour dates:

I can't believe there's actually a venue named the 1-800-ASK-GARY Amphitheatre, or one called the Ashley Furniture Home Store Pavilion.

We did it! We made Pitchfork lament the new, completely ridiculous name for the former Desert Sky/Cricket Wireless Pavilion! Breihan was so appalled by the venue's new appellation that he actually took the time to express his incredulous bewilderment at the situation. These Pitchfork writers can't be bothered with such trivial matters like odd looking venue names, yet such is the power of the Ashley Furniture HomeStore Pavilion. It's just that bizarre and asinine.

But hey -- at least Phoenix is no Tampa. We've got enough common sense to not name our venue the 1-800-ASK-GARY Amphitheatre. That would be just ridiculous.

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