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Okay, kids, hope you've been watching MTV and reading your "Next Big Thing" issue of Revolver, because it's time for an Atreyu pop quiz! Answers at the bottom (no cheating!).

1. Orange County quintet Atreyu is named after the hero of the 1984 fantasy film ______ .

2. British post-punk icon ______ is name-checked in the opening line of Atreyu's "The Crimson."

3. Stylewise, critics like to categorize Atreyu as a ______ band.

4. Atreyu gained a wider following by showing off its tunes and tattoos on the second stage of the 2004 ______ tour.

5. Atreyu vocalist Alex Varkatzas sings like a ______ .

(Answers: 1. The Neverending Story. 2. Robert Smith. 3. screamo-goth-metal. 4. Ozzfest. 5. wildebeest with strep throat.)

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Michael Alan Goldberg