Augustines - Crescent Ballroom - 2/15/14

Augustines Crescent Ballroom 2/15/14

You should never mess with a band's encore. If you do, it might lead to some unexpected consequences, like with what happened at the end of last night's Augustines show at the end of last night's Augustines show. As midnight approached at the Crescent Ballroom on Saturday, club music from the adjacent lounge began to penetrate the concert hall, much to the annoyance of the audience and lead singer Billy McCarthy.

He tried in earnest to get the band's encore off to a great start but the thumping bass in the next room kept messing with his head. After he walked off the stage and headed into the Crescent's lounge, the audience looked at each other in bewilderment. Two minutes later, McCarthy returned, approached the microphone, and made an unusual request: He wanted everyone to head to the back. No, not the back of the Crescent's concert hall, but rather, the alley behind the building.

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