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One of the most innovative electronic music acts to emerge from the '90s, Autechre was one of the leaders of the IDM and glitch movements, styles that employ waves of static, mechanical bleeps and stuttering clicks to fashion cold, spooky soundscapes leavened by snatches of melody. The British duo's chaotic beats and near-prog-rock symphonies of slow-burn electronic thrum pushed the genre forward, along with acts such as Squarepusher and Aphex Twin. With its last two albums, including the just-released Untitled, Autechre's unlocked a more forgiving sound, opening up the claustrophobic whir of possessed beats and noisy electronics to a bit more warmth and space. It's still a dark, haunted factory of inhuman sounds, but the structures are not as labyrinthine and constricting. And in the end, giving a surprising infectiousness to whirling epics has always been Autechre's gift.
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