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Authority Zero

Live shows by touring bands are quite a rarity so close to the holidays. Musicians are people, too, and they would rather return to their hometowns to stay closer to the ones they love. No one can fault them for that. A band like Authority Zero, born out of Mesa's Westwood High School, knows they can kill two birds with one stone this holiday season. Why not come home, see the folks during the day, and go play a high-energy set of your reggae-influenced skate punk later that night? This perfect scenario no doubt benefits the band. However, its true brilliance lies in the escape it provides for fans of Authority Zero. It gives them a perfect excuse to ditch out on Uncle Sal's tacky holiday party, saving them the horror of witnessing their grandmother indulging in too much eggnog yet again. Authority Zero, fresh off their recent slaying of the eager crowd at this year's Edgefest, is certain to whip the crowd into a rebellious, anti-holiday frenzy. Go ahead and toss out that rancid slice of fruitcake, swap out that holiday sweater for a hoodie and head on down to the Marquee.
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Michael Lopez