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Authority Zero Is Turning Japanese

I really think so.

It's been a busy year for Mesa's leading reggae/punk export, Authority Zero. The band is in the midst of a national tour that includes a date at Marquee Theatre on November 5, which will be a hometown sendoff of sorts before the band heads to Japan at the end of the month.

"Japan has come about from a combination of two things: one, the four records we have released over there since 2001, and two, the promoters we work with who bring us. Shun (our promoter) is amazing! He's one of our favorite people to work with in this industry and we always have such a blast when we tour there!" said drummer Jim Wilcox in an email interview.

Japanese tour dates and talks of a new album after the jump.

This is not Authority Zero's first international tour -- after a recent European jaunt with Pennywise, the band intends on returning soon. "Can't wait to get back over 'the pond' again in the spring!" said Wilcox.

The band dedicates most of its time to touring and songwriting. "[We are] writing new music during sound check for a record we hope to release spring/summer of next year. We are forever on the go, but hey we don't complain...we love to work," Wilcox said.

Japanese tour info: Nov 22, 2011 Osaka, Japan Sakai Goith Nov 23, 2011 Tokushima, Japan Tokushima Grind House Nov 24, 2011 Kyoto, Japan Maruta-Cho Metro Nov 26, 2011 Aichi, Japan Nagoya Party's Nov 27, 2011 Tokyo, Japan Shibuya Cyclone Nov 28, 2011 Tokyo, Japan Shibuya the Game

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