Joey Kamka

Autumn's End Drummer Fighting for His Life

Drummer Joey Kamka from local metal purveyors Autumn's End was hit on his motorcycle on Saturday, January 27 by a drunk driver, according to reports I'm getting. This is what the band is reporting:

On January 27, 2007 at 3:00am Autumn's End's drummer, Joe Kamka was hit by a drunk driver while on his motorcycle. Joey is in the fight for his life. The driver slammed his truck into the back of Joey which sent him flying into the windshield of the truck and then over it severing his brain stem, right ear and fracturing his skull. The doctors told us that he wouldn't survive and that if he did he'd be paralyzed from the neck down. Within 12 hours of the accident and after hours of surgery Joey lay hooked up to a respirator and barely concise he started to move his hands and feet. The doctors were speechless and unable to explain how he was doing this. Joey is as tuff as they come. He is a machine. We know that he will pull through this and be back at his drum kit braking cymbals and snapping sticks like nothing had happened. I ask all of you for you prayers and support. Please stop by the Autumn's End page and give a Horns Up for Joey. Please contact our manager Andrew Cox at www.myspace.com/desertcoreaz with any questions.


Today's update from the band said this: Well I wanted to take a moment to say a little something about the last 36 hours. Joey is still fighting for his life every moment but fortunately he is the toughest ass I know and I have been by his side every minute I could. He is not out of the woods by any means but I wanted to personally get on line to say the response and support from all over the world has been nothing less than astonishing! We never realized the Autumn's End family was so enormous and powerful. We love every one of you bad ass metal friends and I know it is a rough road but we will all be here for decades to come to give the world AZ metal. Thanks to everyone of you Joey, his immedate family and all of our families are completely blown away by all of you!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a miraculous recovery, as I'm sure the rest of you are.

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