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Avian Architecture @ The Rogue Bar

Psych fans and math-rock devotees both enjoy technical drum feats and guitar pyrotechnics, but each group has its preferred flavors of jam. Mathletes tend to like riffs that show the science at work, geometric patterns that confound in exciting ways. Psych rockers like their technical proficiency to offer an escape, whorls and stretches of notes that are easy to get lost in. Mesa-based Avian Architecture splits the difference, affixing psych textures and tightly syncopated drums to guitar work that rides comfortably in between, covering the entrails of composition while still sounding impressive. The airtight duo of JD Snell and Tyler Lindgren is just as dexterous as math-rock favorites Tero Melos, but the structures and meters on the band's Gemini Talons EP manage to stay fitful and accessible. And like psych visionaries Mars Volta, Avian Architecture is fond of fun-to-say, hard-to-spell portmanteau song titles. "Circumabulation" is built around a spacey, serpentine groove in 6/4 time that sounds much more propulsive than complex. The sharp "Earthbound Portals" is littered with double-kick drum accents and pointillist fills, all guided by start-stop guitar arpeggios that revel in the tension. The boys are hard at work on a new full-length, something Valley fret-worshippers should keep on high alert.

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