Awol One and Z-Man at Kill Mill

Y'all rellies ready to get your gurp on? Kill Mill resident DJs Foundation, Dirty Napz, and Ether One are bringing that crazy-ass Z-Man, the verbal innovator, and Awol One, of the Shape Shifters, to town on Tuesday, January 18. It's a duo not to be missed; Z-Man is one of the underground's most creative voices, inventing his own Bay Area slang and spitting it like a drunken firecracker. No word on whether his alter ego, the Gingerbread Man, will make an appearance. Awol One, best known for his single "Agony," ought to push the insane factor over the edge. Admission to the show, at the Salt River Saloon on Mill Avenue in Tempe, is just five bucks.
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Brendan Joel Kelley