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Axis Radius presents Battle of Rock Band

No, we're not talking a battle of the bands here; we're talking video games.

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By: Jonathan McNamara

Better than: bar karaoke. No, really.

Last night Axis Radius in Scottsdale held its first ever Rock Band tournament. No, we're not talking a battle of the bands here; we're talking video games. Rock Band, like its predecessor Guitar Hero, is a music-based video game where would-be rockers can strum, drum and sing along to their favorite songs via a PS3 or Xbox 360 and a few instrument-shaped controllers.

Take a look at a slide show from Battle of Rock Band.

Local "bands" with names like The Dead Babies, 69 Clowns and The Heath Ledger Accidental Overdose Band took to the stage to compete against each other. The stakes: $300 or a fully-stocked private box at Axis Radius.

Each round started with a coin toss to determining which band went first and which track they'd have to play. In the end, The Killer Commas took the lead over 69 Clowns for the win with their two-man performance of "Dead on Arrival" by Fall Out Boy.

Random Detail: Harmonix, the company that created Rock Band was responsible for developing Guitar Hero until MTV bought them out. Guitar Hero III and all subsequent games are being developed by Neversoft, the same guys who brought you all 600 of those Tony Hawk games.

Personal Bias: Weezer's "Say It Ain't So" (one of the easiest tracks in the game) should never again be played at a Rock Band tournament.

Check out the official Rock Band site to learn more about the game.

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