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AZ Local Music Benefit

Get geared up for a turkey coma by sampling some of the Valley's most delicious bands, pitch in to feed the hungry, and get a scrumptious DVD of the show mailed right to your door -- all for 10 bucks. Hosted by longtime Valley promoter Harold Morales, the first AZ Local Music benefit will set up shop at Alice Cooper'stown on Thanksgiving Eve and generously donate 100 percent of the profits to St. Mary's Food Bank.

The bash is also a CD release party for local upstarts Crash Street Kids, Arizona's answer to every wanna-be '70s act this side of Jet. CSK sounds like what would happen if Dave Grohl hijacked KISS during its Destroyer tour to perform Dead Boys and Marc Bolan covers. Among the other local bands on the bill, there's fast-rising hip-hop hybrid act Conscious Collective, which is set to open for Jimmy Eat World in January; Fred Green, which churns out groove-inspired flow à la 311; and Seven Story Ruin, which is fast becoming a Myspace alterna-screamo darling.

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Casey Lynch