Bad Lucy Make Push For Bonnaroo, Use Google Maps for Scavenger Hunt

Yeah, there's that spectacle in the desert going on this weekend. And next weekend. And yeah, maybe there's a lot of us that didn't have enough skrilla to nab a couple of passes. Big deal.

You still have a chance to catch the next big festival later this year, although you'll have to go to the Mississippi to do it.

Localites, Bad Lucy are currently on the "Road To Roo" and need your vote to get to the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival taking place on, "700 acres of Tennessee nature" from June 7 to June 10.

Over those four days some 150 acts are expected to perform for thousands of culture-loving people. J. Miller and company are hoping to be one of them.

Voters have until April 16 to get their favorite band on stage.

In the meantime the band is also preparing for the official release of their EP on April 24 with a scavenger hunt using Google Maps. "The album will be "pinned" at 38 different locations throughout Tempe that when you connect the dots, it spells out, "bad lucy," J. Miller says.

Get your copy before it's officially out. On Tuesday April 17, you can find copies of our EP "pinned" up at each of the below 38 locations in Tempe, AZ. You'll have to hustle if you want to get one because they may or may not be conspicuously placed, and therefore, discover-able by any passersby.


Bad Lucy's Album Release Scavenger Hunt

in a larger map.

Bad Lucy is playing The Rogue Bar on Friday, April 14, with Sedona-based singer-songwriter Brandon Decker.

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