Bad Lucy Team Up with Studio At The Farm for Live Session Video Series

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Video may have killed the radio star, but Internet made the video star a viral monster.

The fine folks at recording house, Studio At The Farm in Gilbert know this and have come up with a way to appeal to the inner voyeur in all musicians.

Through their "Live At The Farm" video series, SATF offers bands and solo acts the chance to capture the live essence of their performances while maintaining their sonic integrity. The service is geared towards helping musicians to connect with their fanbase while at the same time promoting their sound to a larger audience.

Bad Lucy recently participated in the project, releasing their first video in the series earlier today; a live performance of "Joker" recorded at the nearly three-acre farmland.

As the recording house's website says: "This is not your local shopping mall's recording booth with a fake ocean backdrop."

"It's about showcasing what your band is capable of in a live setting with no overdubbing, no real trickery as far as the recording is concerned, because it's totally naked and stripped down," Bad Lucy frontman J. Miller says. "This is what it is."

SATF records, mixes and films each live session but for this particular video, band bassist Alex Kyhn's brother, Matt, shot and edited the take.

Bad Lucy performs "Joker" Live at The Farm from J. Miller on Vimeo.

"Not all of our fans across the country or even in town can come out to see us at every show so we want to have more live content and video content out there for people to access at any time, anywhere," Miller says.

In the age of shaky camera phone video uploads, the concept sounds like music to our ears.

Other bands who have participated in the Live At The Farm sessions include What Laura Says and The Technicolors. You can catch more videos here.

Coincidentally, it's the J-man's birthday today, so if you catch Bad Lucy at their next gig at Long Wong's on Tuesday, July 10, make sure to harangue him about his age, but at least buy the guy a shot first.

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