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Bad News: Glee Inspires ASU Students to Start Show Choir at Local High School

Sobering news from Arizona State University's newspaper today: ASU students are starting Glee-inspired clubs in several area schools.

It's apparently not enough to watch the awful show, or to call yourself by the insufferable sobriquet "Gleek" anymore. Now, you've gotta actually inflict showtunes upon the masses to prove your undying dedication to Mr. S.

So we have this group of ASU kids "inspired by the hit TV show" going out to several area schools to start up show choirs. The high school kids, it seems, also like the show and want to be just like it.

Presumably, the ASU students will realize the kids they recruit and train are not all adorable little caricatures of themselves who get into humorous but easily solvable little pickles every week then quit halfway through the semester, claiming to be buried under schoolwork.

That will be funny because they go to ASU so, really, how much schoolwork can they have?

ANYWAY, the group has a ridiculous name -- "GLEEders" -- and claims to be "mentors." Their targets are students at Corona Del Sol High School and middle school students from the Tempe area, said Amanda Nguyen, a junior at ASU who founded the group.

The show choirs will perform popular songs featured on Glee with choreography. The State Press says to expect songs like "Defying Gravity" from Wicked, and "Rehab" by Rihanna.

Also maybe that one about how I bust the windows out your car? That's a good message for kids. You know, with the grammar and the booty, and the smashing and all. Right?

I, for one, am super happy kids are listening to that stuff. What better message to send them than to make it seem appropriate to "bust out" someone's windows because you considered him or her to be a potential romantic partner and he or she dared look at someone else.

Alas, it gets worse:

Nguyen said she hopes this mentorship program will develop committed leadership to make an ASU student show choir possible by fall 2011.

A show choir made up of ASU students wasn't possible this semester because college student have difficulty making such a large time commitment, Nguyen said.

Glee inspired Nguyen, originally a biological chemistry major, to change her major to theater and business with a minor in dance and to start GLEEders this semester.

"Glee helped me realize [to] just go with your passion," Nguyen said.

Speaking as a tax-paying 30-year-old and someone who will depend on the success of these Millenials to pay me back my social security money, I'm not overjoyed to learn these kids are giving up on biochem to take college classes on how to sing and dance. Stop me if you've heard this one before...

But, hey, it's her passion! That do-gooder teacher on the show would be so proud!

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