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Banned in Tempe

Wow, there's a lot of pre-Turkey Day festivities tonight, 'cause y'all ostensibly have tomorrow off of work, and you're expected - no, it's mandated - that you get completely shitfaced till the wee hours tonight. First of all, GWAR's playing at the Marquee tonight, if you like blood, guts, costumes, and genital representations. If you're not into the carnage that is GWAR, there's a better, free option at Stray Cat tonight starting at 9 p.m., where Chris Lawson of and TotalPunkRadio (aka TPChris, aka Total Punk Chris) is the guest DJ for a night of punk rock debauchery along with DJ Johnny Volume. It's also the official GWAR afterparty, so you'll be able to play the "which one of these normal looking folks is actually Oderus Urungus. Dunno if this is how the Pilgrims imagined their feast's legacy would evolve into, but I endorse it fully. Just to get yourself amped, here's a couple GWAR songs for you...

"Fist Full of Teeth":

"Penile Drip":

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